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Graduates' Employment Status

This is our annual survey that monitors the job placement, in the first five years after graduation, of graduates who obtained their degrees at AlmaLaurea member universities.

Since 1998 AlmaLaurea has been carrying out an annual survey on the employment status of graduates. The Survey, which is carried out one, three and five years after graduation, provides a broad portrait of graduates' job placement in the labour market, of the characteristics of the job they have found, including profession and salary, and of the use in work of the skills acquired while at university.
The rich informative value is ensured by integrating the statistical documentation from the survey questionnaire with the administrative data provided by our member universities.

24th Survey - (2022)
Graduates' Employment status

This Report was presented on 16/6/2022 at the University of Bologna.

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The 2022 Conference – Bologna, 16 June

AlmaLaurea 2022 Conference

Data integration and information power. From education to the job market

Graduates' Profile

This is the survey outilning the characteristics and performance of graduates who obtained their degrees at AlmaLaurea member universities

In-depth studies

Learn more about specific topics of interest, infographics on professions and degree programme classes.

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